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Hadrat Maulana Muhammad Taqi Usmani Chairman-CIE

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When CIE was established on Safar 22, 1413 (August 22, 1992) it had envisioned a mission to train and prepare a team of Shariah Scholars and the Bankers willing to take up the uphill task of transforming the present interest based banking system into an interest free Islamic financial system.

Alhamdulillah, CIE is striding towards achieving its target and it has been able to draw the attention of business community including the financial institutions of the country and created in them an awareness of the importance of Islamic financial system. As a result, now they are showing their desire and making efforts for the Shariah compliant products to be available in trade and finance market.

It is my pleasure to mention here that CIE is receiving international attention and now some foreign organizations are contacting CIE to conduct short courses for their employees in their respective countries. In the last couple of years a few foreign organizations have visited Pakistan to participate in courses specially designed and arranged for them by CIE. This shows the confidence of the financial institutions in our commitment to impart education in the field of Islamic finance. However, CIE will not rest on its present laurel, rather it will continue its sincere and sustained efforts for still better results.

I am sure, Insha Allah, the students after completing the course will be equipped with specialized knowledge and will do their best to translate the knowledge into practical implementation in their respective financial institutions, in fact in this way they will be instrumental in evolving interest free economy and financial system in the country which has been cherished desire of Muslims all over the world.

I pray to Allah Subhanahu Ta’ala for the students, teachers and the CIE team for their success both here and in the world hereafter. Aameen

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